Thursday, February 10, 2011


Crimson 600x800mm
Gone Troppo 600x630mm

This series of digital images is a reflection of my life from January 2005 to December 2006. During that time I lived in Gunbalanya, an Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. I had made the decision to move to Gunbalanya after my second visit there in 2004. 

I was drawn to the calm of the flood plains and the rich colours of the escarpment. The community is an art community and I would sit with the artist and talk about their stories and techniques or just watch them paint for hours.

I was invited to join some local women who took me out to strip the pandanas and dig for roots to find natural dyes for the basket weaving.


I attempted to be involved with the community in as many ways as possible. After receiving a grant to teach adults new fiber techniques, I set up a workshop at the women's resource centre. I also assisted with some the other daily tasks at the centre, like preparing food and delivering meals to the elderly in the community. It didn't take long for my days to fill up with many different tasks. I began teaching at the local school, recording the local weather, driving the health clinic ambulance at night and assisting the local accountant with data entry and pays.

The Burnoff 600x630mm
was constantly on the go, yet still had plenty of time to watch the colours change in the sky and across the escarpment as the sun set each night.

These images are my reflection of that very rich time.
Ever Green 600x630mm
Weave 600x820mm
Corella 400x940mm
Dragon Flies 270x845mm 365x845mm 210x45mm
Flowering Pandanas 400x540mm
Messangers 600x680mm
Predictions 600x630mm
Momentum 600x620mm

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